International transport

Our company deals with international transport and an array of related logistic services. Annually we make 10 million kilometres and we are a dispatch centre for the Adria East region, which covers nine countries. Our job relies on reliability of road traffic, which enables us almost unlimited options of access. We put great emphasis on transport safety and ecological integrity. Our drivers are constantly trained in road safety, cargo protection, and its safe transfer. Vehicles of various categories, well-oiled organization and the option to combine return services offer our clients an optimal stowage and a maximal utilization of transport.

Our services include:

  • International transport with curtain-sided swap bodies
  • International transport with swap containers
  • International transport with standard trucks, mega-trucks, and refrigerated trucks – frigo
  • International dry bulk transport (silo trucks)
  • Combination of international transport and local delivery in Slovenia (with a loading ramp)
  • Combination of cargo pick-up (with a loading ramp) in Slovenia and international transport delivery abroad